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Thank you for contacting us! - for inquiries and feedback about social justice, racial justice, or equity, including feedback on how we are doing in our mission to build an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming professional community - for any billing questions or issues, discount codes, or Purchase Orders - for questions or support in using our materials and curriculum, including Teachers Pay Teachers product support - for support and questions about Curriculum Club - to inquire about bringing Tina Hargaden or another staff developer from the team to your school, conference, or town, for in-person or virtual training - for questions about the E-Lit app, or tech support regarding E-Lit - for questions about our continuing education courses for graduate university credit, to submit your coursework   - if you are interested in joining our team, or you have ideas to pitch to us about how we might collaborate with you, to offer products or services to improve language education, please email - If your question does not seem to neatly fit into these categories, or for tech support that does not apply to E-Lit or Curriculum Club.

Want More Support?  Curriculum Club might be just the ticket!

Thank you so much, and thank you for partnering with us to change language education and improve outcomes for students!

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Want More Support?  Curriculum Club might be just the ticket!
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