Backwards Planning

Backwards Planning

Excerpted from Foundations:  A Natural Approach to the (Transition) Year

The Stepping Stones curricular framework is backwards planned from student proficiency outcomes and cross-curricular literacy goals, and not from grammar points or wordlists.  ACTFL provides us with curricular goals that are based on using the language, not learning about the language, and the Performance Descriptors and Can-Do Statements give us a roadmap to proficiency and guidance on how to assess student progress in listening, reading, writing, and speaking performance.


Posted by Stepping Stones for World Language on Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Thus, our national professional organization - and SLA research - recommend a whole-language approach, and does not recommend that students study certain word lists or grammatical constructions.  ACTFL’s guidance focuses on communication over form: taking in information and making oneself understood, interacting with increasingly complex text, and deepening thinking skills and habits of mind.

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