Your Mental Health

Your Mental Health

Excerpted from Foundations:  A Natural Approach to the (Transition) Year
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The purpose of Stepping Stones is to guide you in providing high-quality proficiency-based instruction, authentic assessment that is aligned to proficiency standards, and, perhaps most importantly, to help you protect your own mental health.  The goal is to help you make your job enjoyable, easy, relaxing, and fun, so that you can continue touching students’ lives for years to come.  We teachers are precious and each one of us is a gift to our society.  We are much needed in this world, and it is my ardent hope that Stepping Stones framework will help you relax into your career and remain in the classroom for a very long time, making a difference in our world, inspiring and supporting our precious students, and finding happiness, ease, and balance in your life.

Posted by Stepping Stones for World Language on Thursday, August 12, 2021

Implementing the Stepping Stones framework can help you guide your students up the proficiency scales on the students’ own emotional and intellectual timeline.  The strategies outlined in this book are designed to build community, include everyone in the classroom, foster success for all students, and develop creativity and a group esprit de corps in a relaxed, easygoing workshop-type environment that is focused, work-oriented, and driven by students’ interests and ideas.


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