Printed Books and Materials

Printed Books and Materials

We have partnered with an amazing printing company, Acutrack, to start bringing you printed materials to use in your classroom. Their customer support has been second to none, and their prices are quite reasonable. If you have ever wanted to produce your own print materials, we strongly recommend their services!  Their minimum print quantity is only 25 items, so they are ideal for anyone with even a small customer base -- even if it’s just one class of students! They can “drop ship” your orders, as well, meaning that you simply provide the customers’ shipping information, and they print, package, and mail your print materials directly to each individual customer, based on whatever price you want to charge. It’s so easy! 

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The first printed product that we are able to offer with Acutrack’s support is Tina’s latest book, Foundations: A Natural Approach to the (Transition) Year. 

Foundations: A Natural Approach to the (Transition) Year

Tina considers this book to be her best work to date. It is the updated version of the well-loved book that she wrote in 2017, in collaboration with Ben Slavic, Year One: A Natural Approach to the Year. Foundationsretains the step-by-step, hold-your-hand, guide-on-the-side, coach-on-your-desk style of Year One, while updating the information in Year One to bring it into alignment with the Stepping Stones curricular framework that has proved so powerful and transformational to communication-based, proficiency-oriented language teachers. 

Unlike Year One, Foundations contains copious graphic support, made especially to support the instructional sessions in the book, in the form of charts and - perhaps most useful - images and illustrations of exactly how the strategies and skills might look in your classroom. 

You can learn more by downloading the preview of the first three instructional sessions here.

While you can purchase Foundations as a PDF through our online school, it is worth the extra dollars, in our experience, to spring for the print version. Foundationsis a long and detailed book, not intended to be consumed in one sitting, but rather to sit on your desk, open to the current instructional session, so that you have Tina’s friendly, encouraging, and supportive guidance there for you each day as you work through the simplified, “Foundational” cycles and phases from the Stepping Stones curricular framework. 

We want YOUR ideas!

We are collaborating with Acutrack to develop more print materials to support you in implementing Stepping Stones in your teaching.  If you have ideas or suggestions for materials that would enhance your instruction or assessment, please hit that contact button at the bottom of this page and let us know, or send an email to  Teachers are 🔥🧠🔥 so creative 🔥🧠🔥 and we really do want to know what you would like to see us produce for you and your students!

Exciting print projects in the works!

Right now, we are looking forward to bringing you a collection of our visually-engaging, super-comprehensible E-Lit texts, in printed versions!  So, stay tuned for more information about that, as well as big discounts on printed E-Lit texts for our current subscribers.  Sign up to get updates when we release new print materials!

We are also looking at our Free Year of Curriculum and choosing high-impact materials that would be good candidates for printing.  One obvious resource that would be super-useful to print for you is the collection of leveled Reading Workshop texts.  We envision producing packets of ready-to-go Reading Workshop Teaching Kits with one poster-sized, full-color teacher text that you can display and read aloud, sort of like the “Big Books” that primary-grade teachers often use in their reading lessons.

Here are some samples of the FREE Reading Workshop texts included in the Free Year of Curriculum. Download a PDF of these images here.

We are also in the planning phases of other exciting print projects.  One possibility that we are particularly excited about is a brilliant idea from CI Liftoff’s Curriculum Director, Alana Kubeczka, to make the “ingredients” for Interactive Student Notebooks that align to the lessons in the Free Year of Curriculum.  Like Tina, Alana has taught many different subjects and grade levels in her long career as a literacy educator, including ESOL, Spanish for Heritage Speakers, Spanish for Native Speakers, Spanish elective classes, and elementary self-contained classes.  She has extensive training in Interactive Notebooks, and we are super-excited about how her expertise with this engaging, student-friendly learning tool can enhance your teaching with the Stepping Stones curricular framework and the materials from the Free Year of Curriculum.  

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