Summer Institutes 2021 Schedule and Details

2021 Summer Institutes Schedule/Details

For the “WHY” behind Summer Institutes, please read this doc.

This flyer is good for a quick overview of Summer Institutes, and is good to share with your administrator if you are using school funds.

✅ This is the registration site for Summer Institutes 2021.

Here is some background information on the strands:

✅ People, Places, and Stories (PPS) is lesson demos from Cycles One and Two (Description and Narration) from the Stepping Stones curricular framework.
✅ Culture, History, and Issues (CHI) is lesson demos from Cycles Four and Five (Information and Opinion).
✅ This document gives a good introduction to what Cycles and Phases are, and you can learn more in this PDF as well.

(Note that both sessions are designed for teachers with all levels of experience with communicative or comprehension-based (also known as "comprehensible input" or "CI" or "standards-based" or "proficiency-based" teaching...personally, I think we could just say that we teach like ACTFL says we should, and call it good. Cause that's what we DO, actually. No need for some fancy brand name!)

✅ Below are the specific lineups. Click the links to see the schedules for each week. Also please note that we ⏰change time zones from Central to Mountain ⏰ for the July sessions, to give our West Coast pals some "sleeping in" time!

June 14 - 18, 2021
9 AM to 5 PM CENTRAL time
PPS: Scots Gaelic with Jason Bond
CHI: French with Tina Hargaden

July 19 - 23, 2021
9 AM to 5 PM MOUNTAIN time
PPS: French with with Tina Hargaden
CHI: Spanish with Cecilia Cummaudo

August 2 - 6
9 AM to 5 PM CENTRAL time
PPS: Spanish with Jodi Stokdyk
CHI: French with Nissa Quill


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Resources on the Cycles and Phases
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